The Achilles heel with fence posts has always been at the point where it enters the ground – aka the ground line section. Frustratingly, they rot through at ground level whilst the rest of the fence is still in perfectly good condition and doesn’t need replacement.

And, as we all know, with bad weather your otherwise perfectly good fence can be smashed and broken by strong winds simply because the fence post rots through and breaks off.

Postsaver ground line sleeves extend fence post lifespan.

This is confirmed by independent testing (based on a  four year experiment on untreated wrapped stakes that were compared with untreated and unwrapped stakes)

Very low cost.  Optional extra.  

Saves you time, hassle and money having to replace your whole fence just because the post has rotted through in the ground

Very quick and easy to apply with a blow torch.

Nothing will prevent a post rotting entirely but these sleeves slow this process considerably.