Broken Posts

The most common failure on timber fences, by far, is the broken or snapped timber post.  This failure occurs on timber posts around ground level.

Many options exist for broken posts and if the rest of the fence is in reasonable condition, post repair or replacements are often suitable and much quicker than a fence replacement.

The trouble with a replacement timber post is that it is likely the new post will fail again since the ground conditions are not suitable for timber.   If a replacement post is required we can offer bitumen sleeves heat shrunk to seal against rot.

Concrete repair spurs (otherwise known as Godfathers) allow the fence post to be reset without the worry of a repetition of the issue.

Steel spurs can also be installed if a more slimline approach is required.

Often can be installed with no disruption to your neighbours.

  • Check for suitability and hidden cables/hazards
  • Break out the concrete around the existing post
  • Reset post to upright and fix spur to post at the correct depth
  • Concrete in the repair spur
  • Back fill hole, rake and tidy site 

Fitted incorrectly however, they can be almost useless.  We offer different sizes to cater for different post sizes and situations.  You will be surprised how they can bring new life to your fence.   

If the fence is still standing and can be repaired it's best to get to it before any strong wind helps it on it's way. 

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