Panel Fencing

Fence panel across the uk are by far the most popular fencing.  They are generally 6' wide and can be either overlap or closeboard in style.  Lap panels are the least expensive enclosed timber fencing you can install.  Lap/Waney edge panels will not last as long as closeboard panels.  When installed on sloping ground panels will be stepped.

If required panels can be set on gravel boards.  Gravel boards allow the panel to be set above the ground.  

 With panels the gravel board material matches that used by the posts e.g. concrete posts use concrete gravel boards.  Other names include waney edge, laps.  Care should be taken when fixing lap panels since they are quite fragile until secured.  They will not make a good choice of fence in a garden  where football is played.  Where possible there should be no ground contact with panels.  This is not always practical though.

Lap panels can be installed on 3" or 4" timber posts or between slotted concrete posts.  When a panel eventually needs replacing they can be slid out.  This is not always an easy job since over the years posts may shift and tighten on the panels.

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