will my fence stand any weather?

NO is the short honest answer.  Whilst Final Fencing installs to fencing standard BS 1722 Part7 or equivalent we never guarantee the length of time a fence will stand.  Some fencing contractors will offer verbal guarantees, most don't.  This is because as we have witnessed before the weather is an unpredictable force.

For a current weather foercast please click here.

Generally though if installed correctly the fence will stand for many worry free years.

We can offer additional options if your fence is on exposed ground.  Please call for details.  In Wales for example the fence posts used are often 5"x4"(125mmx100mm) rather the traditional 4"x4"(100mm) we use in the south of England.  Try to avoid 3"(75mm) posts if possible.

Fit steel posts where possible as Durapost® have tested the posts to over 100mph wind speed.