Registered Waste Carrier

Your waste is your responsibility

Final Fencing Ltd is a fully licensed carrier and dealer of waste.

Contractors waste licences can be check via the Environment Agency on the public register.  Check your contractor!  The last thing you need is an extra £5000 to pay if your contractor gets stopped and prosecuted.

Final Fencing Ltd take waste disposal seriously.

Whether you’re a resident or a business, please don’t give it to someone who can’t prove they are a legitimate waste carrier - they are likely to dump your rubbish to avoid paying waste disposal costs. We obtain a waste transfer note as proof of the transfer to an authorised person.  Upon request we can evidence these transfer notes.

Only use registered waste carriers

You could be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000 if you don’t.  

Find and check registered waste carriers or call the Environment Agency hotline 03708 506 506.

Follow the SCRAP code

Suspect: Be suspicious of cold callers / rogue traders

Check: Ask for their waste carrier registration details

Refuse: Always refuse cold callers offering to take your rubbish

Ask questions: Ask what is going to happen to your waste

Paperwork: Ask for a waste transfer note

Legal duty of care 

The Waste Regulations 2005 make householders legally responsible for ensuring their household rubbish is only passed on to an authorised person for disposal. The legislation is designed to help reduce the amount of dumped rubbish or fly tipping.  

Householders have a duty of care and must take all reasonable measures to make sure household waste produced on their property is disposed of without endangering health or harming the environment.

This applies to any type of waste that is unsuitable for disposal in your dustbin and unable to be taken as part of the weekly household waste collections.

If illegally disposed of waste is traced to your household, you may be fined up to £5,000 in a Magistrates Court.  So it is not just the contractor that is at risk of a fine.  Employ a contractor with no license and you run the risk of being prosecuted.