People often opt to repair a damaged fence rather than replace it.

Final Fencing can repair most types of fencing in fact we are a repair specialist.

Rotten/broken wooden posts can often be supported using concrete spurs.  This can be carried out quickly often without disturbing the fence.  It can prevent a more expensive replacement job.  Often a couple of well placed spurs can smarten up and preserve the fence.  See the past work section for example photos.

Snapped arris/cant rails can often be fixed. It is often better to repair a fence before it falls down.   Although this is not the neatest approach it may actually save you money since it can breath an extra few years into a fence that is just about to cost you hundreds of pound to replace.  Remember you have a legal obligation to maintain a fence line if your deeds dictate.

Perhaps you are selling your property and just need your fence secured or made to look a little smarter.

Repairs are often an option that a lot of people just never consider.