How to find a fencing company

There is quite a lot of information on this page but we suggest you read it since there are many considerations.

Finding a fencing company shouldn’t require a huge amount of research, but these days it’s not hard to be taken advantage of. That’s where it can come in handy to have a few specific things in mind when searching for the right company. Do you need a residential/domestic fence or commercial fence? What does the terrain on your property look like- hilly, flat, a mixture? Is there an old fence to remove?   Are there any obstacles?  There are more consideration to choosing a fence company than a lot of people realize. So, here are some primary things to keep in mind when searching for a the right fence company for your needs.

Avoiding the cowboys

There are many websites that claim to banish cowboys.  How do they do this exactly?  Most charges fees to the members.

Most are PROFIT making organisations.  

  • Checkatrade
  • BuyWithConfidence
  • Trading Standards Approved
  • Checkaprofessional 
  • Guild of Master Crafstman
  • RatedPeople
  • Which Trusted Traders
  • Mybuilder
  • MyHammer

To name a few (and the list is growing).  Plenty of people use these sites, plenty don't.

Post your job up there and gamble away.  Do you always instruct the cheapest provider?  When you buy a car or a house do always choose the least expensive?   A fence is supposed to last and is the first impression of your property.

Final Fencing is not listed with any organisation that charges it's members,  We are proud to post genuine watermarked images of works carried out along with relying on reviews left by customers (e.g. google, cyclex,yell etc).

Our local reputation matters and it really is up to the customer to choose wisely.

Beware of sites that claim to vet traders, especially if these sites charge the members to advertise.  Local honest reputation is probably the best accolade.

Also if you do have a problem with the contractor how involved will the listing site/company be with supporting you?  Take a look and you may be surprised.

How long has the fencing company been trading for?

No bluffing here.  How long has the company been in business?

Final Fencing has been helping people with all their fencing needs since 2006. All types of fencing  installed all types of fences on all types of terrain, and yes, terrain counts for a lot. Amateur fencing companies quote a price and end up in touble because of all the extra materials they needed to use to keep the fence even. Or worse, they pass the costs along to the customer who ends up “having” to pay way more than initially quoted. That’s not the way to do business.  We offer fixed price quotations, including options.

Has the company got a legitimate address and land line telephone number?  If not then keep walking.

Public Liability Insurance

The last thing you need in life is more liability. Ask any insurance company and they will concur that if a contractor comes to your house who is not properly insured and a member of their team gets hurt, the homeowner could be responsible for paying. It’s always a good practice to ask if the fence company is insured and not a bad idea to ask for proof. 

Fence types

Not all fence companies are alike. Take a look at the gallery of works to ensure that you know a little about the type of fencing you are after.

Of course when on site for a quotation, the fencing company should make you away of the pros and cons of the fencing styles.  The decision is ultimately the customer's.

When you are talking with the contractor ask what materials are to be used and why.  Ask what the procedures involved are.

Jack of all trades

Beware the companies that offer landscaping, decking, ground work.  You don't call the Gas man in to cut your hair.  It makes fence that if you need a fence then you employ a professional fencing contractor.


"But cheap and but twice".  It's true.  At Final Fencing we believe in a fair price for the service we provide.  Right from the start we aim to produce a professional quotation, flexible arrangements, excellent communications (often after hours), quality materials and workmanship.  At the end of the job an invoice will be sent and once payment is received a receipt issued.

Beware if the contractor needs an immediate decision or asks for cash.  Check the written quotation and compare like for like.

Fencing Reviews

Always ensure that whatever company you choose you can see genuine examples of their works and genuine references.

Don't rule out a company for the odd bad review since there is not a company on earth that would get 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.  It's the broad, general consensus that will win the race.

We are very proud of our reviews and can provide details of satisfied customers if required.

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Complete Discretion

Final Fencing have installed and repaired fencing for many high profile/public eye figures.  Politicians, film directors/actors, pop stars and best selling authors.

By instructing Final Fencing you have can be assured of complete anonymity with a low-key sensitive approach.