Health and Safety

At Final Fencing we believe safety is should be of paramount importance above everything else.

Safety for all, contractors, home owners and the general public should all be considered.

All pets and children should remain away from the work site.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner/occupier.

Following our site visit we will point out any safety issues that are apparent to you.

For fencing/gates on front of property we can contact the various utility companies although often the maps terminate at the property boundaries.

For example a recent potential customer was disappointed to learn that we would not install 3 foot picket fence around a sunken driveway.

Firstly the fence would have been too low and secondly the fence would not have afforded the correct strength if a person was to fall against it.

On the other side of the fence was an eight feet drop to concrete!

Final Fencing recommended a  three rail, post & rail combination with stock fencing.  The cost proved prohibitive and consequently a potential customer was lost.

Often domestic cabling is un-earthed that has been buried in the garden.    When buried cables should always be armoured, at least 600mm deep and noted or marked.  Shallow drains, soak-aways are often uncovered careful.  When choosing a fencing contractor always consider the buried services and the cost and damage that would ensue if a hasty contractor was to damage a service.

Always choose a contractor with public liability insurance and a current legal waste licence.

At Final Fencing we:

Carry out full risk assessment on all jobs

Have comprehensive public liability insurance

Use 110 volt power tools -  IEC 60309 Adopted Yellow 110-130 volts connection

C.A.T. Scan prior to digging

Where necessary local authorities consulted for plans - e.g. adjacent to sub-stations,  main water drains etc.

Footpath signposting and diversions - if necessary Traffic Management where appropriate