Timber or concrete

All our timber posts are pressure treated with preservative in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance laid out in BS EN 351-1, to give a desired service life in the selected Use Class defined in BS EN 335-1.

Use Class 4 BS 8417:2011

The service life of a timber post will generally be considerably shorter than concrete.

Timber is a natural product and arguably more pleasing to the eye and kinder to the environment.

There are methods to extend the life of timber if timber is desirable.  Please ask for futher details upon application.  Bitumen sleeves can be heat shrunk to posts to help protect against ground rot and extend the life of the post.  There is an additional charge if these sleeves are selected at install time.  These sleeves can only be fitted at install time.  The product used is called Postsaver and is used by the forestry commission and Network Rail.

If timber is selected for fencing Final Fencing strongly recommend using 4x4 timber posts over 3x3 posts.

Concrete is always recommended over timber but the choice is yours.  Concrete does have an industrial appearance.