Built on site Closeboard Fencing

Built on site close board fencing is by far the smartest, strongest and most popular fencing for our area.

Site built closeboard fencing can be set on timber, concrete or steel posts.  Gravel boards can be also be timber, concrete or composite.  Gravel boards have ground contact and provide protection for the fence.  Some contractors do not bother to use them at all.

All our close board full-size bays are hand built on-site and include a centre stump to stop sagging.  

Closeboard fencing is generally fitted to 3 metre (10')  framing although bays can be set at 3.6M(12') providing timber gravel boards are used.

In addition, if required, the bays can be counter-railed and capped.  Capping has three purposes, lateral strength to the fence, protection to the feather edge boards and decoration.  Often fences facing the highway are capped.

Closeboard fencing generally runs parallel with the ground giving a uniform height from all points along the line.  Closeboarding is suited for sloping ground and does away with the stepping/diy effect of panels.

In cases where the ground itself steps then closeboard can be stepped and then continued onward parallel with the ground.  It's completely flexible.

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