Tree Stump Removal

At Final Fencing we often have to clear the fence line before a new fence can be installed.  We can offer stump removal and line clearance as a separate costed job or include it as part of the fence installation.   

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Physical removal is normally the best solution. 

Why do tree stumps need to be removed?

  • Stumps can make installation of fencing impossible if not removed
  • Tree stumps can take up valuable space, look ugly and can lead to development and spread of fungal infections, such as Honey Fungus
  • They are also attractive for wasps and other insects, to nest in
  • They can become a safety hazard for slip and fall injuries
  • Cause serious, expensive damage to lawn mowing equipment

How will the stump be removed?

If the stump is too large to be removed by hand then a specialist machine will cut the stump into small pieces of wood.

Specialist in narrow access sites.

We select the most appropriate, least disruptive method.

We always work with care and consider the surrounding environment and potential services.

Some small roots will inevitably be left in the ground but the majority should eventually rot down.

We generally leave the sawdust on site as it serves as excellent mulch and fills the void of the roots of course.  We can however remove this if required.

We can also re-instate the ground with top-soil or grass seed/turf.

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Stump Removal / Grinding